Saturday, March 28, 2009

where are the maryfesto's hidden, a saturday arvo question

arrrgh.... where are they, women's manifestos... better named maryfestos, beautiful gems, keys to unlock creative potentials, steer the ship home or away from home, anchor the enthusiasms, boy/or should I say girrrrling the drooping spirit? The wild wild enthusiasms of making squeezed into a few lines or a tome, etc etc

I've sort of been working with this one making experimental texts and sonic art plays in sound and sounded-language in particular. Its sort of a hodge podge from all over, and it keeps slipping into new ways of interpreting possibilities and the work I have already shape through this perspective.

I 'm wondering what other currently creating women use as forms for their practice? is the maryfesto still out there? on the back of envelopes? penciled in out diaries next to do the (...fill in blank with a chore)...

1 refuse to make statements
2 watch the shape of words
3 be trans...
4 resist propaganda
5 make culture
6 listen for the sound in / of things
7 make soapboxes
8 speak in other tongues
9 look for the vertical
10 refuse to abide by common sense
11 don't face facts
12 get used to vertigo
13 slur and mumble
14 act act act exuberant
15 privileged sound over grammar
16 listen to me and not to them
17 eat joy
18 learn to fly from the Sally Field, the flying nun series
19 connect with dead superheroines wherever possible intimately
20 promote contradictions-become world famous yesterday
21 be mischief
22 repeat myself, repeat myself
23 disrupt borders in department stores and in knowledge disciplines
24 steal shopping trolleys
25 act slowly... ha!
26 jump up and down, jump up and down
27 mark the edge, the center
28 use a lot of butter
29 overshoot the 'mark'

At times the jump up and down one has been hard to manage but I keep hopping along, even one leg seems to shape a particular perspective that leads to creative outcomes of unexpected delight.

What would be the maryfestos of Artemisha Gentileshi be? Did Bach's second wife write one? What was Ada Lovelaces? Gertrude Stein's maryfesto is embedded in her text, as are so many other writers and artists thoughts, muffled and invisible...I think I'll have a go at trying to find them, speculatively writing them up...they would be in multiples...multifaceted, multivoiced, polyphonic.