Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Karen sent in this gem....bless her cotton pick'n soxs

1 don't buy clothes share them

2 play with others more

3 laugh at patriarchs

4 rewrite propaganda and make it ours

5 make vulnerability a skill

6 exploit tech but stay earthed

7 be proud and loud

8 believe in the humanity of diversion

9 acknowledge that knowledge is a


10 dialog is action

11 intimacy is recognition not sex

12 climb higher but not alone

13 laugh at those muscles

14 question the noise and glide through it

15 observe, consider then walk around it

16 enjoy the lust but not if it is possessed

17 wrestle with love and then live with it

18 see nuns as friends future liberators

19 unearth what was once invisible

20 don't climb mountains respect them

21 share and share and share

22 shoplift culture, reclaim our goods

23 remember that we are changing

24 our freedoms are not an object

25 speak when not spoken to

26 let the shallowness of power be noticed

27 treat ideology like a cup of tea, sip it and then try another blend

28 be a secret agent

29 leave messages for others to find, everywhere

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