Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mary-festo from Natasha

My world seems full of problems, and calmness is more acceptance than strength.
Growing myself as I read and write and plan to create.
Searching empty bowls for meaning and links.
Mulling over how to grow in strength Spiritually through Art Practice, not journeying without but within.
To transform skin into Armour.
To exist with what I have and to transform my objects and memories into works and words.
To believe in success and voice even if it may not be the status quo of the time.
Spontaneously sad and humorous and wildly deep. Passionate in action with the energy of many lifetimes lived in One.
Believing in the Universe and in Spirits and Nature.
Living dreams,memories, stories of feeling over news and facts.
Creating, Caring and writing till it is all over.
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